Setbeat APK Download App for Android & iOS (Set Beat)

Guide to get Setbeat APK Download Android and iPhone. We only provide the official links which you can check here. Setbeat App is a great application for music for music lovers of all genres.

Be it pop, rock, hip-hop, or any other genre for that manner, you can find any song on this app. And the best thing is, you can save the songs on your device! So, specifically for that reason, we are going to talk about how to download SetBeat APK Android & iOS App.

Let me tell you that Setbeat is a music streaming app similar to most of the subscription-based music streaming apps, the only difference being that this app is completely free. You can listen to and download as many songs as you like. There is a vast collection for you to choose from.

Here in this article, we are going to talk about what a great app SetBeat Download is along with its features and its download guides for both Android and iOS platforms.


Setbeat APK Download for Android App:

You may find it exciting that this particular app is available for download on the Android Platform for absolutely no cost. We have provided the complete method with detailed steps on how to download and install Setbeat APK on your Android device.

One thing that may come as a shock to users is that this app isn’t available on the Google Play Store. But fret not, because we will leave you a download link in the steps below. Now, you will have to download Setbeat App from third-party sites, which calls for some changes in your device’s Settings.

  • Go to Settings and select “Security”.
  • Once you’re there, you have to find the “Unknown Sources” option and turn it on.
  • This will allow your device to install third-party apps.

Now comes the downloading part. Check out the steps mentioned below to know how to get your hands on Setbeat APK.

  1. Open any browser on your Android device and click on the link which we have given below. Download Setbeat Latest APK from here.
  2. As soon as you click on the link, your browser will start downloading the Setbeat App.
  3. The APK size is only around 7 MB, so it won’t take much time to download.
  4. After the download is complete, click on the downloaded Setbeat APK file initiate the installation process.
  5. Your Android device will install the app in a short amount of time.

This way, you can easily install the Setbeat App on your Android devices including smartphones and tablets. Once the installation process is over, you can start using the app and start downloading an unlimited amount of songs.

Setbeat APK

Setbeat iOS Download for iPhone, iPad:

After learning the method of Setbeat download on Android platform, we will now see the same method to get the app on the iOS platform. This is good news for the iOS users because most of the third-party apps that are available for Android are not available for the iOS devices.

With this free app, you can now stream and download songs wherever and whenever you want. Most of the iPhone and iPod users used apps like iTunes and Spotify which are all subscription based. But now with Setbeat, you can bid farewell to those apps and use this app for free which basically offers the same features.

Here are the Setbeat download and installation steps for the iOS platform. This method doesn’t require you to jailbreak your device or anything like that. You just need to download and install Setbeat iOS and it’s as simple as that.

  1. The first thing you gotta do is to open the Safari browser and type this link in the address bar.
  2. After you type the link and hit enter, the homepage of Setbeat for iPhone. The website will be in the Spanish language, so just click on the big green button on the page.
  3. This will download the app. After the download is complete, a pop-up will appear asking for permission to install the app. Click on “Install” button and your iOS device will install the app.
  4. After this step, go to Settings of your device and navigate to Profile and device management under General.
  5. Find the profile for Setbeat App, tap on it set its icon to trust that profile.

Return to the home screen and you can open the app from there. Weren’t these steps pretty easy to follow, fellows? Just follow them in the order they are given and you will face no hurdles. Mobdro is also a great application which is liked by million of users all over the world.

Setbeat App

Features of the Setbeat APK App:

Now lets come to the features section where I am going to cover each and every feature which is provided by this amazingly great application which is available for both Android and iPhone users.

As we all know that that Setbeat App is an amazing app that lets you stream and listen to millions of songs from thousands of artists from all around the world. The app is not just limited to national artists but also international artists that make some of the most amazing tracks that this world has ever seen.

Setbeat has one of the largest libraries of music tracks among all the music streaming apps. Without spoiling everything in the introduction of the app, let’s have a look at the features of this app.

  • The first and foremost thing that you need to know is that this app is free to download and install.
  • There are no kinds of any in-app purchases or whatsoever that you need to worry about.
  • Setbeat’s user interface is pretty good in terms of use and appearance. You won’t have many troubles while navigating through this app.
  • You can search for songs in any way you like. Setbeat APK displays results according to whatever keyword you enter in the search bar.
  • Everything in this app is categorized according to artists, genres, and top songs.
  • Users can download songs or listen to them online; whichever they choose to do.
  • Setbeat download also allows you to create playlists and play the songs in the background without any kind of interference.
  • You can also follow the artists on Twitter to stay updated with their latest releases.
  • The variety of content on Setbeat APK makes it a great choice for music lovers of all genres.
  • One outstanding feature of this app is that it also has a karaoke mode in which the lyrics are displayed on the interface and you can sing along to the song.

Don’t you love all these amazing features provided by the Setbeat App and that too free of cost? So, what are you waiting for? Move on to the next part to know how to get the app for the Android and iOS platforms.

At this point, we have discussed the features of the app, Setbeat download and installation guides in this article. I hope that you have enjoyed reading Setbeat APK Download on Android & iPhone App.